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21: Speculoos / cookie butter

21 december, 2013


I read somewhere someone naming cookie butter the new Nutella. So of course I had to give it a go. All I can say is Nutella Who? What?

Cookie butter is SO lush! Don’t try it. You may not be able to stop eating from the jar.

So this vanilla cupcake has been filled with the golden butter, made using this recipe and a Swedish brand of vegan Speculoos (Annas, more know for their Ginger bread thins. For some reason they don’t have the Speculoos like cookies, called Lantkakor, on their web page). As I wanted the cookie butter flavour to come through on its own I used fairly neutral tasting whipped cream for the topping and sprinkled with Speculoos crumbs. (I’m so not donating this cupcake. This is all mine.)


Other sweet stuff for Christmas in Sweden aside from (the above and) yesterday’s knäck are different kinds of toffee. We love making homemade sweets for Christmas over here and toffee is a favourite with many. There are several vegan recipes around, but none (yet) for cherry toffee, which is what I’m making this year in an attempt to use up some of the many (many) cherries we have in our freezer from this summer.

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